Impressio Kitchen

When it comes about quality of food, service and satisfaction in taste, you will find that Impressiogroup more than meets your expectations and exceeds them. We provide a comprehensive array of workers to the restaurant and catering industries. Our chefs prepare meals in your menus and can also have them customised to your liking. We have candidates for professional chefs and staff available, and for other restaurant positions.

Impressio Welders

We have a vibrant technical department where highly skilled welders that can be deployed for a variety of budgets.

Welder skills and experience:

  • - MIG/MAG-, TIG- and arch welders
  • - Physically fit
  • - Good problem solvers
  • - Min. 2 years experience
  • - Excellent hand and eye coordination
  • - Patient and methodically approachable
  • - Good listener and can follow instructions
  • - Practical and manual skills

Impressio IT Developers

Are you looking for an IT specialist? We hire experienced IT specialists

Our agents have contributed to the recruitment of hundreds of IT specialists within the past few years for leading Nordic companies Operating in Riga.

We have good contacts with many developers still looking forward to work for a Nordic company!

We have Swedish org with VAT number, Swedish liability insurance, Swedish and Latvian legislation regarding personnel.

Accommodation is a requirement if the specialist needs to move to your country.

Our process is as follows:

  • - You share with me information about your need
  • - We propose potential candidates or services that will fulfill your need
  • - We recruit the specialist for you they can work in Riga or Sweden or we can provide the service on hourly basis
  • - The rates differ depending on the specific requirements role and responsibilities

Information technology roles:

  • - Software developer
  • - Devops
  • - Tester & automation tester
  • - Database developer
  • - Data scientist
  • - Product owner
  • - SCRUM master
  • - Development manager